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State Reliefs from Tetrarchic Nicomedia

Archaeological and scientific study of the singular preserved painting on the recently discovered series of monumental Diocletianic state reliefs excavated at Nicomedia (Çukurbağ), Turkey.

Mark Abbe, Tuna Sare




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Eskenazi Portrait Busts of Septimius Severus and Julia Domna

Examination of the exceptional metropolitan paired imperial portraits with vestiges of their nuanced ancient painting. Bloomington, IU Eskenazi Museum of Art.

Mark Abbe, Julie Van Voorhis, Juliet Istrabadi, Gregory Smith, Scott Pike




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Rethinking the Parthenon: Color, Materiality and Aesthetics

International symposium, organized by Naomi Norman and Mark Abbe, University of Georgia, October 17-18, 2014.


The Venus Lovatelli Project

Detailed study of the extensive and exceptionally well-preserved painting on the largest marble statue of Aphrodite from the houses of Pompeii, discovered in 1874 (House I, 2, 17). Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale.

Mark Abbe, Jeff Speakman, Tina Salguero


Greek and Roman Marble Statuary in the North Carolina Museum of Art

Examination and multidisciplinary study of polychromy and marble types employed in the diverse collection of marble statuary, c. 430 BC-AD 300. Raleigh, North Carolina Museum of Art.

Mark Abbe, Caroline Rocheleau, Scott Pike, Tina Salguero

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Purple Gold Nanoparticles Research Project

Scientific study of colloidal purple gold formed during burial and their importance in ancient polychrome effect, including selection of objects from Roman antiquity.

Tina Salguero, Mark Abbe, Marco Leona, Jan Stubbe Oestergaard


The San Antonio Antinous

Examination of the ancient polychromy and historic interventions on a portrait of Antinous as Dionysos ("Apollo Lykeios" type), c. AD 130s. San Antonio, San Antonio Museum of Art and Trinity University.

Jessica Powers, Mark Abbe, Michelle Bushey


The Orpheus Relief Project

Technical examination and exhibition of a reportedly ancient Roman fragment of a Three-Figure Relief, c. first century AD, in the David M. Robinson Collection of Antiquities at the University of Mississippi Museum. Athens, Georgia Museum of Art.

Mark Abbe, Tina Salguero, Jeff Speakman



Preserved Polychromy at Villa A, Oplontis

Contextualized analysis of extant painting on marble sculpture from the luxury Villa A, Oplonits under the aegis of The Oplontis Project, directed by John Clarke and Michael Thomas, University of Texas at Austin. Torre Annunziata, Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei.

Mark Abbe, Tina Salguero